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Come join in the fun!  Medicine Hat is the only place to be if you enjoy geocaching.  We are home to numerous power trails and exciting new adventure caches that are sponsored by local geocachers just like you.


What are you waiting for?  Visit Medicine Hat today!!

Is Geocaching safe during the COVID-19 pandemic?
According to the current guidelines found here, Geocache hunting and publication of new caches are still allowed.  Please follow the current social distancing guidelines and carry hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes with you to clean your hands (and the cache) before and after signing the log.
Be safe and have fun!  We all need fresh air and physical activity!

Every year during the 3rd weekend of August, SEARCH holds their annual Southern Alberta Weekend. What a great time we have. There are numerous events plus different satellite events that are planned for SAW. There are a ton of prizes donated by local and not so local businesses. Make sure to check back often for more information on this exclusive event!   Stay tuned about future events!

**Please note that in Aug 2021 this will be a scaled down version with only one event on Sat.**


                      See Facebook for all our previous years events.


SEARCH Members: LuckEstarZ, Mr. Navypeople, Azraelsportal, Mrs. Navypeople, Athene, DSK11

Hand Trap

is a must see and do geocache.  This cache was created by DSK11 and only comes out during Southern Alberta Weekend.  Check out the YouTube video to see if you can locate this well hidden logbook.

Did you know that Medicine Hat is Canada's sunniest city?  Our city gets approximately 330 days of sun a year

Interested in Geocaching?  Come out to our monthly meetings and be introduced to the game as well as some local geocachers!  Everyone's welcome!   Meetings are currently on hiatus.

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